A Talisman from the early 70’s.
Talisman factory and sales lot from
the late 60’s through the early 90’s.
Tom putting the finishing touches
on an install in the early 1980’s.
Showcasing a Talisman at the first
Bob Top sales lot. Bubble windows
were the fad, for some time.
Bob cleaning up the
Inventory in the late 1980’s.
No dogs were harmed when
installing this canopy.
We built them any size or
shape back in the day.
Molded plastic canopies big in the 70’s,
80’s and early 90’s. We sold the Brahma
brand for years.
The crew installing one of the last wooden
frame Talismans built, around 1989.
Bob installing a Pilgrim Full Door canopy
at the new, now current, Bob Top in 1991.
About Bob Top Canopies
Grandpa Ed’s orange Dodge. Rumored
to be still rollin’ around town today.
Valued employee, Bart’s truck,
mid 1980’s.
Another photo from the canopy farm.
Bob helping a customer with her new
Talisman. Many of our canopies had
groovy color schemes and metal patterns.